Monday, November 30, 2009

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus?

Here are the possible replacements for Al Groh, and some of them would make my early Christmas wish list:

Lump of Coal:

Clothes and Books:

  • Tom O’Brien, 61, head coach, NC State. Former coach and OC at UVa for 15 years.
  • Danny Rocco, 49, head coach, Liberty. Former UVa Assistant Coach.

The crazy unknown gift that could be fun:

  • Gus Malzahn, age 43, offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach, Auburn. Former OC at Arkansas and “introduced Wildcat.”
  • Jon Tenuta, 52, defensive coordinator, Notre Dame. Played at UVa.
  • Jeff Mullen, offensive coordinator, WVU.
  • Charlie Strong, 49, defensive coordinator, University of Florida.

The good gifts on your list you were expecting and were guessing correctly while unwrapping:

  • Mike London, 49, head coach, University of Richmond. Former UVa DC.
  • Al Golden, 40, head coach, Temple. Former UVa DC.
  • Jim Grobe, 57, head coach, Wake Forest. 2006 national coach of the year. Played for UVA.
  • Derek Dooley, 40, head coach, Louisiana Tech. Played for UVa, coached under Nick Saban.

The gifts not on your list but thought about:

The awesome gift you were up all night dreaming about but weren’t expecting to get:

The outlandish wishes, like a pony:

  • Bud Foster, 50, defensive coordinator, Virginia Tech.
  • Jon Gruden, 46, Monday Night Football commentator. Former Super Bowl winning coach.
  • Bill Cowher, 52, not coaching. Former Super Bowl winning coach.
  • Mike Shanahan, 57, not coaching. Former Super Bowl winning coach.

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  1. You stay away from Tom O'Brien. He already has a job that ends with tons of disappointment every season.