Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Go Home Noah

Really? This guy wants to talk trash about Cleveland? He’s from New York. His Mom was a Swedish supermodel, his dad a tennis pro. Shave your pony tail, and stop riding the coattails of better players, like Al Horford, Corey Brewer, and now Derrick Rose. In case you missed it, in three separate interviews, here are Joakim Noah’s words of wisdom:

“Cleveland really sucks”

“I look outside and it’s depressing. I don’t want to leave the hotel room. It’s all factories. ”

"You like it? You think Cleveland's cool? I never heard anybody say 'I'm going to Cleveland on vacation.' What's so good about Cleveland?"

No shit Sherlock. Ground breaking news. Who wouldn’t want to flee to the Cleve?

Maybe next time you should realize that the best player in your sport and your first round opponent plays there, and you might not want to anger him or else this will happen to your teammate.

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