Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

With only one major sport going on and ESPN bored out of their mind during the lazy dog-dangling days of summer, here are some things to look forward to:
  • 4 Days until the Indians trade Shin-Soo Choo, their leader in AVG, HR, RBI, and SB, for a bag of peanuts
  • 12 Days until the NFL Hall of Fame Game, opening the preseason
  • 37 Days until College Football kicks off
  • 38 Days until Strasburg throws a no-hitter against the Pirates, the 10th in the majors this season
  • 41 Days until I draft #1 overall in my Fantasy Football League, starting a 10 year dynasty
  • 46 Days until UVA plays at USC
  • 46 Days until UVA is no longer bowl eligible
  • 47 Days until NFL Opening Sunday
  • 47 Days until the Browns are out of playoff contention
  • 54 Days until Albert Haynesworth goes to one knee faking an injury because he’s winded
  • 57 Days until the NHL season begins
  • 58 Days until the Caps clinch the Southeast division for the fourth straight year
  • 62 Days until Skins fans start calling for McNabb to be benched
  • 68 Days until Strasburg strikes out 16 Mets in a 1-0 loss giving the Nat’s 100 losses for the third year in a row
  • 68 Days until Peyton Manning throws 6 TDs and 400 yards against the Jags, but my fantasy team still loses since I have no one else
  • 75 Days until Albert Haynesworth needs to be carted off because of a knee injury because he’s winded
  • 82 Days until Mike Holmgren comes down from the front office to coach the Browns to victory over the Steelers, improving their record to 1-5
  • 92 Days until Bosh, Wade and Lebron all simultaneously tear their ACLs coming down off of a fun bunch style high-five during warm-ups of NBA’s opening day
  • 93 Days until the Wizards lose their opener despite 20 assists from Wall and Arenas to each other, since they have no one else to pass to
  • 111 Days until Albert Haynesworth demands to be traded because the new defensive scheme is too hard for him and is causing him to be winded too often
  • 123 Days until UVA tries to end its 6 game losing streak to VT
  • 123 Days until Ohio State tries to extend its 6 game winning streak over UMich
  • 158 Days until the Winter Classic in which Crosby will complain it’s too cold outside and will force the Caps to play in the new igloo instead of Heinz Field

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