Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cavs and Wizards Epic Fail Fest is Almost Upon Us

If things remain true to form, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards will play in one of the most historically awful NBA games ever. The Cavs set the record for most losses in one season a couple days ago, and just lost their 25th straight game overall. Cleveland broke the 28 year old record held by of course, the Cavaliers. On Sunday, they host the Wizards, which have lost all 25 of their road games, four losses away from the NBA record. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

As mentioned earlier, I was prepared for the Cavaliers to struggle, but one win since November 27th is unfathomable. I know they have had injuries, but how can you have Christian Eyenga, JJ Hickson, Ramon Sessions, and Anthony Parker in your starting five and expect to compete. Two more losses and it will be the longest losing streak in any professional sport. They are even four and a half games behind the second worst team in the league.

Meanwhile in the nation’s capital, the Wizards have lost eight straight overall on top of their road game futility. In contrast to their struggles away from home, they have a winning record at the Verizon Center, which seven teams cannot claim. Luckily, John Wall has not missed a game since Christmas and Nick Young’s fro is summoning its Samson-like powers with 23 points a game in his last 15. Also, center JaVale McGee will be the first Wizard to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest. Maybe they need to change their airplane, wake-up calls, and room service in order to change their course, since they actually have hope.

In the meantime, Cleveland has two home games before NBA’s version of the Toilet Bowl, against the struggling Detroit Pistons and Blake Griffin’s LA Clippers. If they predictably lose those games, maybe the tickets going for two dollars will go through the roof, and TNT and ESPN will clear their schedules so more viewers than the record-breaking Super Bowl can view this historic debacle.

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