Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hopefully Peyton Hillis can 'Cover' the Browns' Failures?

Finally some good news for the Browns! Cleveland’s star running back Peyton Hillis is now on the cover of this season’s Madden videogame. With 66% of the vote, he beat out comeback story Michael Vick, after upsetting Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers last week en route to victory. It is kind of fitting that the Dawg Pound voted Hillis in over the dog killer.

While there is a curse to the Madden cover (see the infamous list here), there is also a Cleveland curse which has been much ballyhooed in this blog. Maybe these two curses will cancel each other out and the Browns and Hillis will return to the playoffs and glory? Or, more likely, Hillis’ fun but dangerous bruising style of running through and jumping over defenders will lead to injuries and fumbles this season, adding to the Madden curse’s lore.

Either way, I am still getting the game for the first time in five years.

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