Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eli-te Manning

In the preseason Eli Manning answered a radio host’s question by saying he was an elite quarterback, which was met by scoffs from the media and opposing fans. While the Giants QB has been a Pro Bowler and Super Bowl MVP, he was not considered in the same class as other signal callers like Brady, Brees, Rodgers, or Roethlisberger, or even the best QB in his own family. Despite upsetting Brady in the Super Bowl, Eli’s aw shucks demeanor and 53 turnovers in the past two seasons while missing the playoffs did not help him get out of Peyton’s shadow.

However, since the season started, the youngest Manning has risen to the occasion. Aided by the middle Manning’s neck surgery and New York’s meager running game, Eli has captured the spotlight this season. In his best season as a pro, the Giants QB broke multiple Giants records including completions, yards, and career playoff touchdowns. His 4,933 yards would have been third all time going into this season, and when paired with 29 TD’s, would easily win MVP in other years. He even set a record for most 4th quarter touchdowns in a season, previously held by Peyton and Johnny Unitas.

More importantly, Eli won his last two playoff games advancing to the NFC championship game, one win away from a possible Super Bowl rematch with Brady and the Patriots. With the two victories, he has improved his postseason record to 6-3, which at 67% compares quite favorably to other QBs with as many starts. If you look at the chart below, he has had more postseason success than Hall of Famers Staubach, Young, Griese, Tarkenton, Kelly, Marino, and Moon, as well as future Hall of Famers Favre and older brother Peyton. The nine QBs above him on the list have won a combined 23 of the 44 Super Bowls played, so maybe Eli’s new found stardom and renewed team success and will make it 24.

Quarterback Wins Losses Percent Hall of Fame
Bart Starr 9 1 90% Yes
Jim Plunkett 8 2 80%
Tom Brady 15 5 75% Will Be
Terry Bradshaw 14 5 74% Yes
Troy Aikman 11 4 73% Yes
Ben Roethlisberger 10 4 71%
Joe Montana 16 7 70% Yes
Kurt Warner 9 4 69% May Be
John Elway 14 7 67% Yes
Eli Manning 6 3 67%
Roger Staubach 11 6 65% Yes
Phil Simms 6 4 60%
Ken Stabler 7 5 58%
Steve Young 8 6 57% Yes
Donovan McNabb 9 7 56%
Drew Brees 5 4 56% May Be
Bob Griese 6 5 55% Yes
Fran Tarkenton 6 5 55% Yes
Brett Favre 13 11 54% Will Be
Jim Kelly 9 8 53% Yes
Steve McNair 5 5 50%
Danny White 5 5 50%
Mark Brunell 5 5 50%
Craig Morton 5 5 50%
Peyton Manning 9 10 47% Will Be
Matt Hasselbeck 5 6 46%
Dan Marino 8 10 44% Yes
Daryle Lamonica 4 5 44%
Randall Cunningham 3 6 33%
Dave Krieg 3 6 33%
Warren Moon 3 7 30% Yes

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  1. Even without the wild card it is interesting that Montana has the most wins.