Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Imagine if the Nat's Were Slightly Healthier

Imagine if Drew Storen, Jayson Werth, and Michael Morse were healthy for the Washington Nationals.

Storen's replacement, Henry Rodriquez, has blown three saves already, which resulted in losses.  Storen only blew five out of 48 last year and only one that resulted in a loss. Imagine if he is healthy and saves those three games, or at least does not turn them into losses. The Nationals would then have a 29-14 record, second best in baseball.

Werth was batting .276 when he was injured, good for second on the team in April. Morse was batting .303, with 31 hrs and 95 rbis last year. Their replacements Bernadina, Ankiel, and Nady are batting a combined .202 this year. Washington has lost eight games by one run or less so far this year. If those two batters provided enough offense to win just four of those eight games, then their record would be 33-10, best in the majors by three games. That winning percentage would be .767, which projects out to 124 wins for the season, eight more than the all time record.

Needless to say, the Nat's would been pretty sweet if healthier.

P.S. Storen and Morse will be back in early June, Werth in August. Watch out MLB!


  1. Nevermind Zimmerman (who's missed 15 games with shoulder soreness - including last night), Ramos (who will be in no-vamos condition until '13 with a torn ACL), and Leon (who's high ankle sprain puts Harper at #2 on our depth chart at catcher).

    Just be grateful for the health of our starting rotation. If they keep it up, anything's possible.

    1. Oh yea, forgot about Ramos.

      Was looking at slightly healthy, not 100% healthy.