Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please no Guarantee in this Week’s Colts Jets Game

This week’s AFC Championship game between the Jets and Colts is only the second time these two teams have met in the playoffs since Super Bowl III. That game turned out to be one of the biggest upsets in NFL history as the underdog Jets won the Super Bowl and the first title for the AFL. Unfortunately for the Colts, the similarities between that matchup 41 years ago, and the one this week, are eerily ripe for an upset.

Broadway Joe” Namath was a flamboyant young qb for the Jets, with some strange sideline behavior and a 1-0 playoff record going into the game. Mark “Hot Dog Eating, GQ” Sanchez is 2-0 in the playoffs so far in his rookie season.

Meanwhile, the Colts of the 60’s were led by Johnny Unitas, a clean cut, four time league MVP. No difference with current Colt passer Peyton Manning.

The Jets were only in their eighth season of existence and making their first playoff appearance that year, while the Colts had two titles in the previous ten seasons. Likewise the Jets of the modern area have only two playoff wins in the past ten seasons, compared to the Colts nine appearances and one title in that span. Therefore there was an 18-point spread in favor of the Colts in Super Bowl III and a 7.5 spread for the Colts this Sunday.

Lastly and most importantly, Namath made the 1969 game famous by boldly guaranteeing a Jets victory. Meanwhile current Jets coach Rex Ryan has been brashly predicting victories for his team during this playoff run, including stating in a press conference earlier this week “I’d be shocked if we don’t [win]. I absolutely would be.”

While it’s not actually a guarantee, I do not want anymore microphones around Ryan or Sanchez leading up to the game this week.

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