Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Bowl Hype Fun

Since there will be two weeks of hype leading up to the Super Bowl, there is plenty of time for some Sporcles.

Can you name all 43 Super Bowl winners in 10 minutes?

The NFL Teams with the longest Super Bowl Droughts in 2 minutes?

The Super Bowl Winning QB's in 6 minutes?

The coaches that have won a Super Bowl in 5 minutes?

The Super Bowl MVPs in 7 minutes?

And of course, my personal favorite:

The cities with the longest title drought with at least 3 major sports teams (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB) in 4 minutes?

(P.S. For the 5 Super Bowl ones above, I got, in order 43/43, 14/15, 43/43, 23/26, 38/43)

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