Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cavs and Cavs and Caps Oh My

Even though it’s a snowy February, and the sports world is focused on the Super Bowl, my favorite spring teams are heating up. The Capitals and Lebron’s Cavaliers are on long winning streaks, while UVa had a long winning streak recently snapped, but bounced back at defending champ UNC. The Caps and Cavs now have the best records in their league, and UVa is only a half a game out of first place in the ACC. Here is a look at their recent runs by the numbers:


  • 12: Franchise record winning streak
  • 1: Loss since Ovechkin was named captain 29 days ago
  • 15: Number of wins out of 16 since January 5th
  • 58: Goals scored by the Caps during the streak, compared to
  • 27: Goals allowed
  • 0: Losses at home in 2010
  • 4: Games I attended
  • 1: Broken jaw off of an Ovechkin shot
  • 3: Unleash the Furies
  • 48: Zamboni rides

Cleveland Cavaliers:

  • 10: Game winning streak
  • 4: Wins over Wade, Bosh, and Kobe
  • 14: Margin of lead in Central Division
  • 1: Amount of times Lebron rapped to himself while inbounding the ball
  • 27: Annoying Lebron puppet commercials
  • 115: Flops by Anderson Varejao
  • 6: 3-pointers attempted by 7’3” Zydrunas Ilgauskas
  • 2: Injuries to key guards Mo Williams and Delonte West

Virginia Cavaliers:

  • 8: Game winning streak
  • 6: Years since having a streak that long
  • 3: Wins against top 25 teams
  • 18.2: Scoring average for Landesberg, 3rd in the ACC
  • 11: ACC preseason rank
  • 0: Shirts sweat through by Tony Bennett
  • 1: "In the face!!!" throw down dunk

While these numbers are all well and good, and make for some fun entertainment in between NFL playoff games, there are four other important numbers:

  • 36: Days until the ACC tournament
  • 68: Days until the NHL playoffs
  • 71: Days until the NBA playoffs
  • 0: Combined titles for the Caps, Cavs, and Cavs

Hopefully these teams will have hot streaks when it matters in the spring.

(Photo is an actual screenshot during the end of Tuesday’s game w/ Craig Laughlin writing in the 11, courtesy of the DC Sports Bog)

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