Friday, September 17, 2010

Football Week 1 Recap/Week 2 Preview

It was a rough start for my real teams, but a perfect beginning to my fantasy teams.

Browns 14, Bucs 17 – New QB, new GM, same results. After a solid preseason, Jake Delhomme threw a critical pick to Ronde Barber (Go Hoos!), pretty much costing the game. Of course Peyton Hillis fumbled as well, so hopefully he’ll stop stealing carries from Harrison. Usually Peyton and Harrison would be a winning combination. If Cleveland can’t beat a low level team like Tampa, it might be another long season.

Cavaliers 14, Trojans 17 – Hmm, same score, different outlook. UVa looked like the better team in California, but a couple costly mistakes and terrible calls from the refs prevented the Wahoos from a big upset. The Cavs outgained Southern Cal, with more first downs and less penalties. I almost went to the game instead of getting season tickets, but after this performance I’m encouraged to see Payne, Dowling, and the others battle the ACC this fall.

Redskins 13, Cowboys 7 – We all know the two plays that comprised the whole outcome of the game, but the rest of the game was actually a snoozefest. The crowd sounded the loudest I’ve ever heard Fedex Field on tv, and the defense looked great, which is encouraging. But McNabb and Portis need to get it going in order to make a playoff push, and watching Haynesworth flop around for about $1 million a play was getting annoying. At least “he” won’t be shown at football games anymore.

Colts 24, Texans 34 – 17th time’s a charm for Houston? Of course Sanders and A Gonzalez getting hurt once again sucks, but what’s the point of going 10-0 all the time if Indy don’t win when it counts in the playoffs anyway.

Syracuse Merlins 47, Raleigh Recession 41 – Despite only getting 6 points from my three runningbacks I labored over starting, I pulled out a 6 point victory to start the season. Of course Peyton led the scoring, like always, with 20 points, and a TD from Jennings helps. There was a little bit of a scare from Gates on Monday night and I was close to losing if Calvin Johnson’s catch was ruled complete.

Evil Mountain Goats 81, End Zone Sleeperz 50 – Eventhough my top two picks (S Jackson and D Williams) got me 5 points, star of the week Foster’s 27, Giants D’s 15, and Welker’s 14 point return from injury were more than enough.

C’Ville Wahoos 123, Florida Grip 100 – Foster has no trouble making himself at home on this team as well, racking up 41 points, to go along with Chris Johnson’s 26 in a victory over the commissioner of this league.

Week 2:

Browns vs. Chiefs – Jerome Harrison is hoping for a repeat performance of his 286 yard game last year against KC, but the Chiefs looked good in their upset win over San Diego last week (already out of my survivor pool on that one). Jake Delhomme is dinged up, shocking, so Colt McCoy, err, Seneca Wallace might start. If we don’t win this one in our home opener it might be all downhill afterwards with this following schedule (Balt, Cincy, Atl, Pitt w/ Ben, Saints, Pats, Jets,…ugh)

Skins vs Texans – Hopefully Washington can improve on offense, and Landry and the D should contain Foster and a Houston squad overconfident from their huge upset.

Colts vs. Giants – The Manning Bowl on Sunday Night. I expect nothing less than an older brother beatdown and a much needed victory at home. Here are some commercials to get ready for the game, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Merlins vs Gate City Holdbacks – Unfortunately, all six of my RB’s scored between 3-1 points, so once again I have no idea who to start. Some tongue twisting WR’s on my bench played well last week, Massaquoi and Legedu Naanee, but I’m not starting them until they are consistent. I’m playing a non-divisional foe, who won last week, scoring two less points than me.

Mountain Goats vs East Dillon Lions – Facing off against Beau this week. Commish vs treasurer. If I win, does this mean I don’t have to pay dues? No changes in this lineup either, eventhough putting Floyd in for TO sounds tempting.

Wahoos vs. Thurozville Stallions – In a divisional battle against another 1-0 team already. Sweet

Where is UVa? Don’t worry, they won’t lose….since it’s a bye week.

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