Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Football Week 2 Recap/Week 3 Preview

Just like last week, my fantasy teams went 3-0, while my real teams struggled.

Browns 16, Chiefs 14 – Different QB, barely different score, same result. With Seneca Wallace at the helm Cleveland once again took a lead into half only to squander it with penalties and turnovers. Even though Cribbs had a sweet 65 yard td bomb, his talents are still being underutilized on a team devoid of talent. Now after starting 0-2, Cleveland faces a murderous schedule and another high draft pick. Good thing I don’t have season tickets to those games.

Redskins 27, Texans 30 – Much better game from the Skins offense. McNabb looks legit and a great trade for the Skins so far. Portis got two TD’s and the D looked solid until blowing the 17 point lead. Landry is a beast with another11 tackles, three qb hits and a sack. Schaub would have been having nightmares of him blitzing all night if he hadn’t chucked the rock in the comeback like his UVA days. With Dallas faltering at 0-2, and the Eagles and Giants with issues, Washington could be in contention for the division all year and hopefully a playoff spot.

Colts 38, Giants 14 – Indy decided to run the ball for the first time in three years, and by the time the GMen realized they didn’t need eight defensive backs the game was over. Watching Freeney and Mathis coming across the edge after Eli reminded me of playing Madden ’02 back in the day. Big sigh of relief for the season, but now its Schuab vs Peyton for the division.

Merlins 52, Holdbacks 43 – After another solid performance from Manning in addition to two one-yard Portis touchdowns I was able to build up a nice lead going into the Monday night game. Luckily the Saints D held off Drew Brees for a nine point victory. Now I’m in first place all by myself in the division after being in dead last a season ago.

Mountain Goats 45, Lions 42 – Luckily it was an off week for both teams, and I eeked out a three point victory. Not a good sign that my leading scorer was my kicker. Now I’m one of three teams at 2-0 left.

Wahoos 144, Stallions 126 – I scored the most points of any team this week, even though Chris Johnson only scored two points. Meanwhile the Stallions scored the second most points of the week and lost, sucks to be them. The only benefit of Schaub beating the Skins was 29 points for this team.

Week 3:

Browns @ Ravens – Uhhhh….Good Luck

Cavs vs VMI Keydets – The Cavaliers are facing their second D-2 school this season, which means this game does not even count towards bowl eligibility. With any luck the UVa team that soundly beat Richmond shows up, instead of the one that lost to William and Mary last season. It should be a rout on a nice fall day to give backups and injured starters like Dowling some much needed playing time, but you never know. With FSU, GT, and UNC coming up, everything should fine tuned and ready to go.

Redskins @ Rams – Rookie QB making his third start against McNabb and the strong Washington D, the Skins better win. Hopefully its not a repeat of last years 9-7 squeaker.

Colts @ Broncos- A lot more interesting matchup than the other two. Two 1-1 teams. Champ Bailey vs Reggie Wayne. Hopefully week 2 Indy shows up, not week 1.

Merlins vs Harriers – The brother rivalry continues. I face off against Nate for at least the 30th time, but for one of the earliest times in the season. He’s 0-2 and is a six point underdog. Speaking of brothers, its Eli vs Peyton as well. Cute.

Mountain Goats vs Chopperlicious - Against another team that has Eli. Sure hope Erryn does not find out how much I’ll be rooting against the Giants this weekend.

Wahoos vs Team Turk – 2-0 vs 2-0, I better keep up the team of the week performances to stay undefeated this week.

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