Thursday, October 14, 2010

DC Sports Stars at thier Finest: TV Ads

Now that we are nearing the election, I am no longer fast forwarding through tv commercials as fast to actually notice the political ads. In the process, I’ve come across some sweet local sports celebrity ads. While typical local sports ads are for car dealerships and are poorly acted, some can be funny with high production values. I’m not talking about Peyton Manning for MasterCard or Nike, but the backup qb making some bucks on the side for the local bank. Here’s the evolution of some local DC ones through the years:

First you start off in a big group:

A catchy jungle helps:

Then you move on to singular speaking roles, albeit not in English

Now closer English (luckily never aired):

Even the fluent speakers still need their jerseys or name recognition:

Sometimes the coaches cash in as well:

And then the English improves:

Eventually you get a commercial with the main local star before even playing a game:

Finally after all the bad acting, staring into the teleprompter, you get some actually well- produced funny ads:

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