Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 4 Football Recap

Browns 23, Bengals 20 – VICTORY! After blowing fourth quarter leads in each of the previous three games, Cleveland finally held on for the victory. I may be getting a Peyton jersey again, Hillis that is, after the runningback’s consecutive solid performance. Unlike the previous games, there was no killer turnover or penalty leading to the Brown’s demise. While Senaca Wallace’s numbers were down, Cleveland only had one turnover and 44 yards of penalties. While it was encouraging to see Ward’s physical play in crushing Shipley in the endzone, penalty and all, Eric Wright got torched again while TO had a career day on my fantasy benches. It’s really good that Cleveland got off the schnide now, with 3-1 Atlanta, 3-1 Pittsburgh, 3-1 New Orleans, 2-1 New England, and 3-1 NY Jets coming up. Yikes!

Cavs 14, Seminoles 31 – Apparently Florida State isn’t a D-2 school. The Nole’s turned the “white out” T-shirts into flags of surrender. Half the crowd was gone after thirty minutes after UVa’s embarrassing first half performance. Verica was inaccurate, took too many sacks, and threw a pick in the end zone, ending the faint hopes of a comeback in the third quarter. Nine penalties and missed tackles causing long touchdown runs also contributed to the embarrassment. The only thing that went right was that the Cavman video/team entrance was synched together for once. A quick glance at the schedule shows only possibly 3-4 wins out there this season, (UNC, E Mich, @ Duke, MD). Hopefully there’s at least nice weather for tailgates at these games.

Redskins 17, Eagles 12 – The Vick/McNabb drama fizzled fast after the Hokie on Hokie violence injured the Eagles QB’s ribs early in the game. Washington’s last ranked defense stepped up and made Andy Reid look like he was making the right decision starting Vick in over hapless Kolb. The running game looked dominate, McNabb looked sharp at times, and Haynesworth actually showed up. I’m going to petition the NFL to start tracking “holding calls drawn”, since Orakpo would be leading the league. The Skins should have put them away, and definitely should not have come down to another Hail Mary attempt. Now Washington is in a three way tie for first in the division, with idle Dallas in last. While the Burgandy and Gold won’t face another divisional foe until 11/15, the next three games will be brutal, Green Bay, Indy, and Chicago, a combined 8-4.

Colts 28, Jags 31 – I knew the divisional matchup would be tough, despite the recent play of both teams. Jacksonville played a turnover free game after losing two straight while Indy committed two turnovers after coming in off of two losses. But still, a 59 yard game winning field goal? Come on. The Colts still need more balance since they ran for only 58 yards compared to 348 passing. Addai should only receive touchdowns since Peyton only had 350+ yards, two tds and a pick that bounced off his receiver’s hands. Next week, Indy will try to knock off the last undefeated team, Kansas City (really?), which is a role reversal for the annually 10-0 Colts.

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