Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 11 Football Recap

Browns 20, Jags 24

You have to win the game when you get six turnovers. You just have to. Ugh. Cleveland forced four picks and two fumbles, but only managed ten points off of them, and seven of those were from the defense. The offensive line play was atrocious, allowing six sacks and only opening up holes for 2.4 yards a Hillis carry. Peyton has to stop hurdling defenders as like a ballerina so he does not hurt himself. For the second week in a row, the Browns D gave up a horrible game clinching play due to poor tackling. Avert your eyes. At least these losses mean we have a better chance at drafting a top wide receiver in the draft next year, like A.J. Green.

Cavaliers 17, Eagles 13

Considering Boston College was playing for bowl eligibility and UVa is just playing for pride without Dowling and Payne, a four point loss on the road is not too bad. Unfortunately allowing two separate runningbacks to go over 100 yards is brutal. The only highlight of the game was that for the first time in Virginia history, two receivers had 700 yards or more in a season. Hopefully VT rests its starters next week in the Commonwealth Cup game since they already clinched an ACC title berth so the Wahoos can win in November for the first time in 13 tries.

Redskins 19, Titans 16

How is McNabb’s cardiovascular endurance now? Donovan led Washington on a couple two minute drives in a surprising win over Tennessee. Despite losing eight players to injury, including another one in warm-ups, DC kept its playoff hopes alive in another close game. McNabb had to throw 50 passes in the game but converting 8-16 3rd downs goes a long way towards winning. It helps to get three penalties for 35 yards on the game winning drive though. Portis returned to action for the first time since week four and of course promptly injured himself again. At 5-5 the Skins will need to go on a big run in order to make the playoffs which will be tough with seven NFC teams ahead in the standings and upcoming games against the Buccaneers and Giants twice.

Colts 28, Pats 31

In one of their least anticipated matchups, Brady outdueled Manning in a game that will have later playoff seeding ramifications. It was definitely not Peyton’s day with three picks. However, considering the Colts are without Addai, Clark, Sanders, and others, Manning’s late comeback on the road against an 8-2 team was still impressive despite the failed outcome. Once again, Indy will not win many games with Peyton throwing 52 times compared to 20 rushes. In fact, this balance is key to the outcome of their games since in all four losses the Colts carried the ball 20 times or less while passing for 46 times or more, while they maintained a balance in all of their wins.

On a side note, I had my best FFL week this year, going 3-0 with wins by 19, 33, and 48 point margins, including 101 points in the SRO league, the highest in my team’s 18 seasons, and one point away from the league record.

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