Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week 10 Football Recap

This week of football had three separate collapses.

Browns 20, Jets 26

In the battle of the Ryans, and Mangini’s revenge game, Hillis pounded the rock for 84 yards and a td against one the best defenses, while Colt McCoy displayed his poise again tying the game on a two minute drive. Both teams had opportunities to win the game but missed field goals and fumbles extended the overtime period. With 16 seconds left before a tie, Sanchez threw a quick out to Santonio Holmes and the defense, which had held the Jets to 20 points after nearly five quarters, collapsed with three missed tackles causing the game winning play. There are no morale victories in football. While losing in overtime with 16 seconds left to a 7-2 team would have been impressive two months ago, the Browns squandered a golden opportunity. If Cleveland had prevailed, at 4-5 they were facing five straight winnable games and a possible playoff push. Now at 3-6 with Cribbs dislocating four toes and Fujita injured, the Browns will be playing spoiler and for momentum for next season, which is a lot less fun to follow.

Cavaliers 23, Terrapins 42

On senior day, UVa took a 23-21 lead in the third quarter including another trick play on special teams. Unfortunately after the picturesque sunset, the Wahoos collapsed in the fourth quarter. Two picks, 16 penalties, and 21 points later the Cavs fell to 4-6. With two road games left, and Ras I Dowling injured for the rest of the year, there’s not much to root for until next season. Hopefully VT loses to Miami next week, so our game will mean something since we could be able to prevent them from going to the championship game.

Redskins 28, Eagles 59

Wow, that was embarrassing. With a national audience watching, coming off a bye week, the Skins laid a huge egg against a division rival. The only fireworks from the Skins were during the player intros as the Eagles jumped to an historic 35-0 lead. After the first play which Vick flicked his wrist for a 70 yard bomb, Washington’s collapse was almost comical. It was like watching a game of Madden on rookie. Including the last quarter of the UVa game, and the first quarter and first play of the 2nd quarter of the Skins game, I witnessed my teams get outscored 56-0. Combined with the pouring rain, here was the FedEx crowd to begin the second half. Of course the big news was Donovan McNabb’s absurd contract extension, which he proved its worth with three picks against his former team and understudy. The other bloated contract showed his pass rushing prowess by laying on the ground like a beached whale allowing Vick to stand in the pocket for seven seconds and find an open receiver in the end zone. It doesn’t get any easier going to Tennessee and scrambling QB Vince Young next week.

Colts 23, Bengals 17

The only team to win this week was my 1%, just great. I barely saw any of the game since I was watching and following the Browns. Manning had one of his worst statistical games and TO’s TD streak ended. Blah.

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